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Price list
Finding A Way Down Series
Limited Editions
nos. 125-129
Textured surface
Traditional Patina
w/ Black Marble Base $450 each
w/o Base $400 each

nos. 130-131
Art-deco Styled
Smooth surface
Green Patina
All editions come with curved pink marble base
$500. each
Galapagos Wildlife
Limited Editions
Located on the Equator, the Galapagos Islands lie about 600 miles west of the South American continent. The wildlife of the Galapagos has had a far-reaching impact on the study of biology. Birds and reptiles are the two most diverse groups of animals on the Islands. It was while reflecting on the differences among birds found on the various islands that Charles Darwin began to formulate his theory of evolution by natural selection. Darwin’s observations led to one of the world’s most celebrated and significant scientific publications – the Origin of species.
Blue-footed Booby
No color is more surprising amongst the drab rocks of these tropical desert islands than the bright blue feet of the Blue-footed Booby. How these birds got their bright blue feet continues to puzzle naturalists.
#g50 $150

Baby Marine Turtles
Despite enormous risks and losses to predators, enough hatchlings make it to the open ocean and survive long enough to return to the same beach as they emerged from to nest and start the cycle again.
#g51 $100

Marine Iguanas
The only sea-going lizard in the world, the marine Iguana is found throughout the Galapagos Islands wherever there are suitable shores.
#g52 $150

Galapagos Penguins
The penguin is the bird that seems most out of place in the Equatorial islands. Standing only 35cm tall, it is the only species in the penguin family to nest entirely within the tropics.
#g53 $125

Manta Rays
Known as the devilfish because of its terrifying habit of slowly circling small boats, in reality the Manta Ray is one of the ocean’s more harmless giants. The fin span can reach 20 feet.
#g54 $150

Intelligent and friendly, Dolphins are very sociable animals. Their cooperative behavior is vital to survival. They spend a large part of the day playing.

#g55 $150

and elsewhere
The Manatee was exploited for its meat and hide since the eighteenth century. The harmless Manatee is now a protected species. It uses its extremely sensitive mouth to communicate and bond with other Manatees which is called mouthing.

#g56 $200